A friend of mine.

Hi Friends and welcome to my site realityblogs a place for all,I write blogs related to day to day life of everyone,In this Blog I just wanted to share some things about a friend, so basically how you define a friend?some people define friend as one who throw bear party, one who takes you to bar and late night disco and dance, one who gets you addicted to drugs and smoking, one who pull you towards all bad things, one who help you in bad things, one who takes advantage of you when you are vulnerable, one who cracks dirty jokes and bad words and make you laugh, one who involve you in his dirty and bad works, how many of you people have such friends I bet 90% of you will have one two of such kind of friends, literally those guys are your hidden enemy in skin of friend they only try to harm and damage you always.

Now how I define friend, he is one who show you your mistakes and make u count your faults, one who is there when you are in trouble, one who take you away from sins, one who watch your back when u are on some work, one who knows where to support you and where to not, he is the only one who understands you more than yourself, the one who make you realize and analyze yourself.

so make and understand difference between true and fake friends I define a friend as one on whom I place my hand on his shoulders and say let’s go and he doesn’t ask where to go he just start walking that is trust and that is friendship.Trust and confidence are very important aspects of friendship you cannot expect a good friendship without these two factors.

A friend of mine have all qualities of good and true friend as mentioned above,I am so gifted that I have such a friend in my life, Thank you.

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A sweet winter story.

Hello my colleagues just wanted to share a sweet evening that I enjoyed with my friends in a sweet winter yesterday by eating cone ice cream which was also sweet and tastier and it just made my mood and took me to paradise villa. from childhood I like to eat ice cream specially in cold winter evening in which others prefer something hot and warm to eat and drink, and my friends fall prey to it.

guys seriously enjoying bite of ice cream in cold may sound insane but believe me it gives kick and you will not feel cold after eating it,I specially prefer chocolate, cashew and mango flavor combination with added cherries and chocolate sauce OMG I am in heaven and I don’t need anything else.

I know there are some specially idiotic and addicted people out here just like me who do the same thing as I did yesterday, Many times though it has caused me harm by gifting me cold and cough and pain in throat but who cares about it, according to me the more you care about something the more that thing bothers you, beside doctor also suggest eating ice cream when you catch cold, So guys how it was please leave your valuable comment as it will support me to write much better, Thank you all.

with regards,


Success story of failure.

Hii there everyone,Just wanted to share a Blog involving our lives it is as- what would have happened if Failure wanted to communicate with us just have look below.

Hii I am failure speaking,I know all of you want to ignore me and don’t want me in your lives, some gets depressed after getting me, some fears about me so they don’t try to get success, some have habit of me, some hates me more than anything, some takes steps like suicide after facing me, Many have feeling of killing me etc etc.

Let me make you clear that who really I am?

1)I am first stepping stone towards success.

2)I am your Mirror.

3)I make you know and aware of what you are.

4)I make you count your mistakes.

5)I make you perfect.

6)I treat you at extreme levels so that you convert from coal to diamond.

7)I show you who your true friends are when I come in your life.

8)I am one side whose other side is success.

9)I add taste and flavor to your success.

10)I test you in every situation.

you will not be able to bear success if you don’t have capacity to bear me.

Now let’s ask winners what they do when they have an encounter with me?

1)They don’t fear me.

2)They take me as a challenge and don’t rest till completing the challenge.

3)I pull steps but they don’t stop trying.

4)I lead them through path which is full of pains, up and downs, harshy,challenging but they don’t stop.

5)At the end they punch me on My face and I give them My brother success.

so stop blaming me and start changing your thinking wonders will happen, Thank you.

please tell me in comments how it was as it is my first blog.